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2020: A Matter of Perspective

2020 is nearly 3/4 behind us and oh. my. wow! what a year it has been

January – I came into 2020 the unhealthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Relationships, finances. All the things! I may have weighed more before but the culmination of the pits that all other areas were in far outweighed that fact.

February: a lot of self reflection led to an attempt to ‘go it alone’ and do all the things I know to do to help my physical state. I mean, I’ve done all the things before, I’ve taken a 12-week nutrition course, and I know that living the fast-food sedentary life is not where the healthier me lives. So I started drinking more water and walking every day. This is my year: 5k, you’re mine! #letsgo

March: Covid-19 … need I say more? Okay, fine, I will. Just like the rest of you, my world was turned upside down. My kids were home all day long with me (and I did NOT sign up for that life. Sidenote: hats off to those of you who choose to live the home-school life. Seriously, much admiration … and yes, I know quarantine school is not home-school #butstill) and did I mention I work in the hospitality industry (feel how you do about the way this whole year was handled, I’ll respect your right to your opinion)? Talk about an unnecessary devastation of an industry. Sad. That is all.

April: I can’t go on like this. My husband is working hard for a retirement life with me, my son is about to get engaged, my youngest daughter will need extra help for a TBD only by God amount of time in her life and my oldest daughter would probably love for me to be around to watch her graduate college and high school in a few years and start her adult life. That’s it, it was time. I decided to take back my health!

May: my oldest daughter turned 13 in quarantine. Not quite what we’ve been planning for the last couple years but I think, in the end, she was pleasantly surprised and knows she is loved. I’m down 20.6 pounds, have energy through the roof and I’m doing more of the things my family loves to do! How’s my willpower one month on program? A birthday each week + Mother’s Day = make the cakes, decorate the cakes, serve the cakes and watch your loved ones eat the cakes … without a single bite! And no DQ ice-cream cake for me this year on Mother’s Day … we went hiking instead!

June: did someone say furlough? Yep, you’re furloughed. I’ve never been furloughed before but I feel that my 9 to 5 company did a great job taking care of us as best they could and for that, I’m very thankful. Okay, I got this. All things for a reason, right? Show me, Lord! and boy did He! It was a milestone month for C and I have to tell you, I’m not sure I would have done as well through it if I hadn’t been on furlough and had the time to focus on what she needed.

July: making the most of my ‘forced summer vacation’, the girls and I took a trip to Ohio to visit friends and family. Great memories were made and I soaked in a much-more-needed-than-I-realized refill of friendship fuel. My son got engaged too! My soon-to-be daughter-in-love? She’s a matched set to my kind, beautiful and smart daughters … she’s already family! I’m 35 pounds down now and I can’t remember the last time I Netflix binged. Seriously, what a time suck, friends! If you’ve got ANY type of goal in your life, don’t let Netflix derail you … so not worth it!

August: praise the Lord, I get to go back to work but what in the green earth of the good Lord is up with the school schedule? That’s gonna be fun to navigate. Grateful for Ma and Mom being able – and willing – to help where it’s needed. Family: a true blessing! Oh and by the way, I’m down 50 pounds now but what I’ve gained in mental, emotional and relationship is worth tenfold that physical loss!

September: I missed my target of being 60lbs down by now but I’m 58lbs down and 6 pounds from ONEderland so I’m counting the victories, not the disappointments (which comes from good mental health, friends). Happy Birthday to me! So long 42, hello 43 … let’s see what you have in store for me! So far: I’m getting ready to tackle the last 90 days of 2020 the healthiest I’ve ever been, focused, prepared and with clarity on who I am and what I’m called to be in His plan for me! You bet I’ll take that … and I’m calling it a win!

So… how’s YOUR 2020 been so far?

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