A Little About Laura

Did you ever feel the call to do something that you really didn’t understand? Well, that’s me in this journey. A few years ago (yes, I said years) I felt this call to blog. Only I didn’t want to. I am so much better in person. I have always felt there was strength in the tone of your words and the visibility of your facial expressions but this feeling to write a blog … I just can’t shake it!

So here I am, tired of fighting for these few years. Tired of wishing it to go away because truly that’s what I’ve been doing. But the confirmations keep coming and the feeling won’t go away so I’ve decided I’m all in this year. Three years late but ready to go. Let’s see where God is going with this writing journey!

Up to now you know that I’m a rebel and a doubter. Sadly, that’s not really who I am at all. At least I don’t think it is, lol. In my mind, I have a vision of myself at 19. Healthy, happy, optimistic … and quite honestly very naive! Sigh. Now I’m in my early 40’s, married with 3 children and living the past 15 years in the south after being raised in the north all my life. I’m learning what healthy really is, that happy comes in different ways and that I don’t think I could ever stop being optimistic!

I believe in harsh but heartfelt truths. I am almost always running late. I give wholly and too freely of my time and energy to pretty much anyone who needs something but I am learning how to choose the best yes opportunities and give more of myself to my family than I do to #AllTheThing