Here’s Who I Am

If you found your way here, I’m so glad that you did! And guess what? I’m going to give you a sneak peak into exactly who I am!

Enjoy …

  1. I absolutely positively cannot stand it when people scrape their teeth on their fork when they eat – drives me mad…and most of the time I tell them!!
  2. I am very weary of people who are 100% all the time, everything in their life is all about God…what they say, what they write, what they wear…if you have to spend that much time telling me you’re a Christian than I’m going to pay closer attention to your ACTIONS because 95% of the time you’ve only got your big toe in the holy water while the rest of you swims in the world #JustSayin
  3. I have the utmost respect for parents who do the right thing for their kids…especially if it means giving them up. It’s sad to me that the world can make a parent feel they have to keep their kids even though they know the kids would be better off somewhere else
  4. I truly believe “if you wait until the last minute to do something, it only takes a minute to get it done”…
  5. …which leads to the fact that I am 100% wired/stressed/full of anxiety most of the time because I don’t STAY organized…but I’m a work in progress so bare with me, friends
  6. I hate reality TV and I look forward to the time when television shows nourish the minds of our children with wholesome values and life lessons again … I miss Mayberry!
  7. Though I believe it’s sad that society judges a person based on a first glance, I also believe that if you want to be successful in society that you have to learn to play the game wisely
  8. I believe everyone deserves a second chance but rarely a third. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I’ve learned to put up fences … with gates that I control (as opposed to walls which have no accessibility options)
  9. I don’t care if you’re homosexual, heterosexual, atheist, Jew, Christian, Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist, bisexual, white, black, Mexican, Asian or purple with orange polka dots – I’m going to get to know WHO YOU ARE and then decide if you get to be in my inner circle … and it will take me less than five minutes to figure out who you are
  10. If you don’t like me, something is wrong with you because I’m a like-able person
  11. I look back on my life now and realize I took a long walk away from the Lord at one point…I also realize He never left my side. Though I would never change ANY of the things I did in my life (they made me who I am and I happen to like who I am), I do use my experiences to give advice to those who come into my life today – whether they heed it or not is totally up to them
  12. I’m opinionated…just like my mother. Most people take this as being rude or thinking I believe I know everything but people who get to know who I am realize that I don’t care if you take my opinion to heart but I’m going to share it because I love ya and genuinely want to help people grow! They also know that I am willing to listen to anyone’s opinion and “chew on it” to see if I need to make a change in my own thoughts/actions … and that I will make a change when I realize I need to do so!
  13. I absolutely positively cannot stand it when people shuffle their feet…that’s just pure laziness!! Lazy people shuffle their feet!! Pick up your feet!!
  14. I believe you should raise your children so that OTHER people will enjoy being around them. My mom always told me that when I entered the parenthood stage of adult life that my friends would change based on the ability to enjoy being around their children…she was right.
  15. I believe your boss should NEVER be surprised by any action you take. You represent them and the company you work for. If anything you do could possibly have negative repercussions, they deserve to hear it from you first. I’m thankful that my dad taught me this lesson when I got my first job – it’s taken me very far in my career
  16. I lost my dad to cancer on November 22, 2015. Cancer sucks. I miss my dad. Every. Single. Day. Every day. Tell your parents (and loved ones) that you love them every chance you get.
    • One day you won’t have the chance
  17. I used to suck at prayer and reading the word. Want to know how to get better at something you suck at? Practice! I read His word daily now, and I pray for perfectly good strangers if I feel called to do so. If I can be that comfortable about praying, you can conquer whatever it is you think you suck at!
  18. I hate that ever since I moved to North Carolina I have given up all the things I used to love to do in Ohio (bowling, movies, playing cards)
  19. I am thankful every day that God gave me Maverick, Piper and Cheridan … that I got to be a mom even though I was told I would never have children #butGod
  20. I don’t understand why my husband loves me so much. Truly, I don’t. We are as opposite as can be… literally in every way … but he does … and I’m thankful for it every day
  21. I get very uncomfortable when people compliment me
  22. I detest the word “try” – it’s so weak…there is NO SUCH THING AS TRYING…you’re either doing or you’re not!! Seriously, next time you hear someone repeating that they’re ‘trying’ to do something, stop and realize how weak-minded they sound
  23. If you bring your kids to my house, be prepared for me to correct them if they do something I don’t want done in my home. If this offends you, you need to tell me up front. It’s not about “your kids are horrible” – it’s about the fact that only I know what MY rules are. I don’t want you stressing your kids out by fussing at them for everything while they’re here. Plus, when I take my kids to your house, I fully expect you to correct them because I don’t know what YOUR rules are and I don’t want to stress about it either!
  24. My favorite part of Christmas is spending Christmas Eve wrapping gifts with my mom…we’ve been doing it for 30+ years and the two years I can recall that we didn’t get to were just not the same
  25. I hate when people read into things – most things are what they are, nothing more, and nothing less. If you have a question about it – ASK…and ask the person who has the answer not twenty other people who are going to start gossip – go to the source and hear it from their mouth to your ears…it would help save us all from the drama
  26. John 13:7
  27. My favorite number. It’s a big deal in my family. It means love to us. Unconditional love. Love beyond anything that can be measured. There’s a story there, yes. It’s the story of my parents. And now it’s the story of four generations … and counting


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